Welcome, Homeowner!

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC (“Lakeview”) is the fourth largest mortgage loan servicer in the country. What does that mean? We help more than 1.4 million customers per year manage the investment they’ve made in their homes. That means that we’ll be with you throughout the life of your mortgage. We’re always here to answer your questions and make sure you receive a top notch customer service experience. We strive to be your home loan partner for life.

Our Approach

Lakeview owns the servicing rights to your mortgage loan. We’re proud to partner with several Servicing partners to process payments, manage the escrow, and provide customer service for your existing mortgage. If you have any servicing related questions regarding your existing mortgage, you can contact your Servicer directly.

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Our Experts

Lakeview’s in-house team of mortgage loan experts is focused on assisting our customers with new home financing. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a new home, or simply want to explore restructuring your current financing, we’re here to help! We might be able to lower your monthly payment, help you to consolidate your other debt, or give you cash out to use however you’d like. Explore the “How We Help”’ menu at the top to learn more about what we do.