Purchase a Home

Are you thinking about moving? Whether you’re looking for your first house, your fifth house, your dream house, or your vacation house, we’re excited for you and we’re here to help!

The purchase process at Lakeview starts with a pre-approval. Our purchase specialists will work with you to evaluate your credit and your budget, and talk with you about how much home you can comfortably afford. During this step we’ll also collect any documentation we’ll need during the loan process, so that we can move quickly to complete your financing once you’ve found your new home.

Should I Get Pre-Approved?

Absolutely! It’s important to reach out to a home financing expert EARLY in the process. First, you need to understand how much home you can comfortably afford. Payment calculators (even ours!) will give you a general idea, but the actual payments you’ll make can vary by several hundred dollars without an accurate assessment by a loan professional.

Our financing experts will go over your entire monthly budget with you and discuss your financial goals to find out where you’re comfortable. Just because you CAN afford a home at a certain price doesn’t mean you’ll be comfortable with the payment commitment. Setting your expectations early will avoid significant disappointment down the line.

*Insider tip: Most real estate agents won’t even entertain a buyer that isn’t pre-approved. Reach out to us today! We can complete your pre-approval the same day and get you shopping!

Finally, an accurate and complete pre-approval will ensure that we can move quickly when you’ve found the right property! In today’s competitive real estate market, timing makes all the difference!
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Lakeview is proud to offer our customers a concierge-style home purchase experience. It starts by connecting you with hand-selected professionals from our extensive network of partners. Then, use our search tool to view nationwide listings of homes for sale. Close your loan with us, and earn up to $6500 cash back. It’s that simple!

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