Questions About Your Existing Mortgage

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC (“Lakeview”) owns the mortgage servicing rights to your loan. We partner with various Servicers to service loans on our behalf. General account information related to an existing mortgage loan is available any time by logging into your Servicer’s website or find the frequently asked questions below.

If you are impacted by the Coronavirus COVID-19, we are here to help. Click here for more information, including the Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF).

Please contact your Servicer for assistance with the following:

  • Account Balances
  • Obtain/View Your Statement
  • Make a Payment
  • Confirm Receipt Of Your Payment
  • Sign Up for Automatic Payments (ACH)
  • Questions about mortgage assistance programs
  • Request a Payoff Statement
  • Property Tax/Insurance Payments
  • Update Your Contact Information
  • Change Your Account Preferences
  • View Your 1098 Tax Form

To make sure that your questions are addressed as quickly as possible, please contact your Servicer directly if you have concerns about your payment or anything else.

If your loan has been recently transferred to Lakeview, it can take up to 10 days for the transfer to be complete.

Not sure who your Servicer is?

Click here to find out or call the 800 number on your monthly statement. The numbers on your statement are associated with your Servicer, and will ensure that your question or concern is addressed promptly.

Your Statement

Statements are sent by your Servicer, and contain information about your mortgage including your balance, due date, and account activity. If you have questions about your existing mortgage, please contact your Servicer directly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Number/Online Access

Your loan number is provided in the statement issued to you on a monthly basis. If you do not have a statement you can reach out to your servicer to obtain your loan number. Click here if you know the servicer of the loan.​​​​​

If you forgot your username or password or need to create a new one, click on the Forgot User ID/ Forgot your password link and follow the prompts on your servicer’s website.

Still having problems? Your servicer has agents available to help, call Customer Service at the number provided on your monthly billing statement.

You can view recent activity from your escrow account, including property tax payments by accessing your account on your Servicer’s website or by calling Customer Service.

Your servicer’s contact information is provided on the monthly billing statement and on your servicer’s website.

Fastlane Financial Solutions, LLC (“Fastlane”), is an affiliate company of Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC (“Lakeview”). Together we are building a better starting point to monitor your home investment and learn about new products and financial information, available free for Lakeview customers. In addition to monitoring your mortgage, Fastlane members can have access to tools to understand their home value and even learn about financial products. Stay tuned as we continue to release new features!


We provide several loan payment options:

  • Online through your servicer’s website (one time or recurring payments)
  • Payments by phone 24/7
  • Autodraft
  • Western Union or Money Gram
  • Bank wire
  • Check or money order.

Note: fees may apply based on your method of choice.

If you are registered on the servicer’s website and are unable to access your new loan number, please contact your servicer at the number located on your monthly billing statement. If you do not have a monthly billing statement, please use our contact information to obtain servicer information.

Welcome to Lakeview! You will be receiving a welcome letter from us shortly with all our contact information. If you haven’t received it or misplaced it, click here to find the contact information for your Servicer. We’re glad you’re here!

Our monthly billing statement provides a removable coupon to enclose with your check or money order as well as the specific address the payment should be sent to. If you do not have a billing statement or coupon, visit us online or call Customer Service for the appropriate address based on your location. Don’t forget to include the account number on your check or money order.

1098 Statements & Payoff Request

If you need a copy of your year-end or 1098 tax statement, your servicer will provide an electronic copy on their website; log into your account to view or print a copy for your records.

The 1098 year-end statement provides information for that specific loan number during that calendar year.

We have a number of ways to request a payoff statement. Give us a call using our automated phone system, visit us online or send a written request by fax or mail. Phone numbers and instructions are provided on the reverse side of your monthly billing statement.


You will need to send proof of Insurance or a copy of your insurance plan to the Escrow Department. The Servicer provides the address for our Escrow Department on the reverse side of your monthly billing statement for your reference. Don’t forget to include your account number on all correspondence for proper identification.

If a portion of your payment goes into an escrow account for property insurance, the premium will be paid from your escrow account based on the policy renewal date. You can verify your escrow balance or recent disbursements by viewing your account online or by calling Customer Service. The Servicer contact information is provided on your monthly billing statement.

To obtain the mortgagee clause for your client, please contact the loan servicer using the contact information provided to you by your client. If you do not have the contact information, please click here for contact information.

Contact Lakeview

1-855-294-8564, Monday – Friday 9am to 8pm ET

If you need to contact your Servicer, you can call using the Customer Service number provided on the Servicer’s monthly billing statement or use the contact us feature on the Servicer’s website.

In order to find out how to access the equity in your home, please call 855-294-8564 to speak with one of our licensed Loan Officers or fill out this form. One of our licensed Loan Officers will reach out to you soon.