LIMITED TIME OFFER* – A .75% lender credit to buy down your interest rate or to reduce your closing costs!

Are you dreaming of buying a new home? Don’t let inflation or higher interest rates keep you from reaching your goal.

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Estimate how much you can save!

Use the table to calculate your potential lender credit.

0.75%$150,000 $1,125
0.75%$200,000 $1,500
0.75%$250,000 $1,875
0.75%$300,000 $2,250
0.75%$350,000 $2,625
0.75%$350,000 $3,000
0.75%$450,000 $3,375
0.75%$500,000 $3,750
0.75%$550,000 $4,125
0.75%$600,000 $4,500
0.75%$650,000 $4,875
0.75%$700,000 $5,250

This chart is for estimation purposes only and the lender credit will be based upon the actual loan amount.

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* Lender may discontinue the Limited Credit Special at any time and will thus remove it from the website.

**Reward offer limited in some states. Not available in AK, IA, LA, or MO. Other restrictions may apply. Visit for important eligibility information. The Lakeview Home Rewards program is offered through HomeStory Real Estate Services, a licensed real estate broker, and is not affiliated with Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC.